"We provide highly skilled professionals
with extensive experience"
Employee Referral Program

Good people like you are hard to find!
Thanks to you and the many other team members that are well representing KAP with our clients, we are growing fast and are currently looking for quality candidates to fill numerous positions. We know that the best sources for finding promising candidates are the people who are already successful at KAP. We'll make it worth your while to refer your friends, family, acquaintances, former colleagues, or anybody else who you think would be a great addition to our team.

Referral bonus for our current employees: $500
If your referred candidate is hired we will pay you $500 upon the completion of his or her first week of work! There is no waiting for 90 - 180 days for your check or getting only a partial payment now with the rest to follow at the end of the year. Because of our confidence in our candidate screening capabilities, we can reward you for your assistance without hesitation.

Friends of KAP Referrals
Good news for our friends! We are currently extending participation in the referral program to those not currently employed by KAP. Even if you don't see an open position that is right for you, send us the name and information of someone you know who would be interested. Make sure you include your contact information when you submit your referral and we'll send you a check in accordance with the program when that person is hired.

When you're thinking of referring someone, please ask yourself:

  • Would I want to work with this person?
  • Can I depend on this person?
  • Does this person have the necessary qualifications for the position?

If you can answer all of these questions with a definite "yes," then we want to talk to that candidate.

How to refer a candidate:

  1. Check KAP's open positions identified on Job Listings
  2. E-mail the resume or contact information of the candidate you're referring to jobs@kap.us.com with "Employee Referral" in the subject line; or utilize our resume upload feature, making sure to include your name in the Referred By field.
  3. Include any pertinent information about your relationship with and endorsement of the referral in the body of your e-mail or in the Brief Description field of the resume upload page.


  • Referred candidates must not have been previously employed by KAP.
  • Referred candidates must not have applied to one of our external job postings or have been entered into our applicant tracking database within 90 days.
  • No referral bonus will be paid for candidates with whom KAP has had employment discussions within the 90 days preceding the submitted referral.
  • In the event that two people refer the same individual, only the first referral will be eligible for payment.
  • Individuals must be hired within 90 days of referral for the referral bonus to be payable.

The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time. This program may be terminated at KAP's sole discretion. For more information or to refer a candidate, please e-mail jobs@kap.us.com