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Our Approach

We take a systematic and methodical approach to each of your projects and events that ensures that our efforts fulfill your stated objectives and exceed your expectations. This is accomplished through:


Prior to mobilization, members of our core management team will conduct a structured onsite assessment with the objective to:

  • Clearly define event goals, objectives and expectations.
  • Gather information on client's existing systems and procedures.
  • Review lessons learned from client's previous events.
  • Determine how best to integrate KAP's efforts into the client's organization (alignment between all involved parties).
  • Determine best fit personnel (design the team).


After the initial assessment, our focus turns to the mobilization of our resources and the establishment of the elements that will drive our effort.

  • Create Plan for the Plan - org charts, manpower plans, budget estimate, schedule, roles and responsibilities, etc.
  • Execution Manual - planning premise, scheduling premise, cost control premise, etc.
  • Systems installation and customization - KICS, network, communications.
  • Determine deliverables for planning effort - weekly, monthly.


The Project Controls effort begins in earnest.

  • Planning Phase
    1. Detailed planning.
    2. Work package development.
    3. Scheduling including integration of commission /decommission sched.
    4. Constructability review.
    5. Readiness assessment.
  • Execution Phase
    1. Schedule update and optimization.
    2. Project status - progress, productivity, cost control, manpower plan, etc.
    3. Critical path monitoring.
    4. Field execution coordination.
    5. Change management.


Continuous progress and performance reviews throughout project controls effort.

  • Home office support, oversight and review.
  • Plan the Plan monitoring - weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Periodic 'cold eyes' reviews.
  • Client surveys / feedback.

An often overlooked but extremely important phase of project controls is the evaluation of the project upon its completion.

  • Compilation of close out documentation.
  • Historical data storage.
  • Collection of lessons learned.
  • Demobilization.