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Today's Tools

KAP employees are equipped with project planning software solutions tailored to support all phases of project execution. Along with Primavera Project Planner for detailed resource loaded project scheduling, we utilize a suite of database and spreadsheet applications to fulfill all other project management and controls functions. Each of these applications can be customized for your specific needs. We can even link to existing systems, such as your accounting, inspection and time-keeping systems, to provide you with the most current and accurate information possible.

Although some of the project planning software solutions we provide are proprietary, you can be assured that once our services have been completed you will retain historical data in a format that can be easily utilized for your future needs.

KICS KAP Integrated Control System

KICS is our proprietary event management software system. It is designed to incorporate many of the project controls and project management functions associated with a turnaround into a singular electronic source.

KICS works in conjunction with other project systems such as SAP and Primavera, and is customized for our client's specific needs providing Efficiency, Consistency, Relevant and Timely information.

Components and Capabilities
  • Event Management
  • Budget Development
  • Scope Development / Management
  • Detailed Planning
  • Schedule Analysis & Reporting
  • Cost Analysis & Reporting
  • Material Management
  • Document Management
  • Change Management
  • Historical Data Management

General Benefits

  • Uses previously planned/executed work within KICS or imported from Primavera, SAP, etc.
  • Uses templates, pull down menus, imports, etc.
  • Earned on all hours; straight time and overtime
  • Exports directly into schedule with all resources, logic ties, activity codes, etc

  • Assign WBS, activity codes, resources, etc. before they reach the schedule
  • Level of detail, nomenclature
  • Error checking

Cost effectiveness
  • User friendly interface requires no special training
  • Greatly increases the productivity of planners and schedulers